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Even if we look very happy - we still work hard. Take a look at some of our work here. We hope it makes you happy.

Office Escape
Mobile Working

New mobility options for creative Berliners.

Creative work can be repetitive too. If ideas and drive are in short supply, creative teams can now book an Office Escape package. We created this service from scratch for Berliners who want to temporarily escape the city to focus on their projects. Teams get a car, accommodation at inspiring locations and catering on demand. More information and registration at

New Identity Card
German Federal Ministry of the Interior

Research, user tests and service development for additional functions of the new ID card

“It is smaller than the old one, but it can do much more,“ commented a representative of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior upon introducing the new multifunctional German ID card. Together with the Hasso Platter Institute of IT Systems Engineering, we interviewed users to evaluate use case and test the card’s usability. We highlighted opportunities to align the card’s possibilities with user needs and designed a starter kit.

Vom Client zur App (PDF, German language)

Eisenhower Meetings
App Development

Our app to hold efficient and effective meetings

Meetings are boring, endless, and often badly prioritized. Been there, done that. We wanted a tool to break the vicious circle. We designed and prototyped the Eisenhower app, that helps teams to plan, hold, and wrap-up meetings. Rheinfabrik developed the app and you can find it in the App Store.

Mobile Payment

Testing of prototypes of an innovative mobile payment app

Together with edenspiekermann_, we tested a mobile payment app that utilizes Near Field Communication Technology and optimized its service design. We consulted with the client to re-evaluated the app’s most promising target group and we discovered its core features were received much better in a different demographic than the originally targeted. The app is now owned by O2 and is called mpass.

Moving Ideas
Deutsche Bahn

Inclusion of different stakeholders to accelerate the innovation process.

Large-scale infrastructure, technological developments, and political decisions coupled with many different stakeholders complicate new developments in the railroad industry. As key partners, we helped Deutsche Bahn to launch an online platform and collaboration initiative to accelerate and open up the innovation process.

Design Thinking Wave

Use cases for a new technology and creation of products and services

Many innovations are based on technological developments, users are only considered later on. SAP had developed the revolutionary HANA technology to analyze massive amounts of data in real-time. With teams across the world, we uncovered use cases and incorporated the technology in services that users actually want.

Don’t Offend
Pro bono project for the Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Motivate non-delinquent pedophile men to take part in preventive therapy.

»Don’t offend« aims to prevent sexual violence against children. It offers preventive therapy for men who have sexual preferences in terms of pedophilia but do not want to act on these preferences. The program offers counseling to non-delinquent men to prevent them from child abuse and from consuming sexually abusive images. As the program exclusively targets men outside of the judiciary system, communication is key. In a pro bono project, we helped Charité to better understand and address potential offenders. They subsequently developed a new communication strategy and restructured their website.

Design Thinking
Workshop Class

Our format to enable everybody to experience the principles of Design Thinking

We regularly hold our own Design Thinking Workshop Class. In one intense and inspiring day, everybody can experience the core principles, methods and tools of Design Thinking. We offer special rates for freelancers, students and unemployed entrepreneurs. More information and registration at…

Innovation Camp
Bayer Business Consulting

One-day Design Thinking Workshop for 150 consultants

Twice a year, international Bayer Business consultants meet to evaluate and evolve their business and get inspired. We planned, coordinated and executed a one-day workshop to introduce Design Thinking and apply it to challenges they face in their daily work. Certified Dark Horse coaches led 150 consultants in 32 teams through the process and towards innovative solutions.

Innovation Day
Audi IT

Introduction of Design Thinking and applying it to relevant challenges.

Audi’s IT department has launched a large-scale innovation initiative in 2013. Employees who had submitted challenges or ideas at the internal idea platform were invited to participate in a one-day Design Thinking workshop. We divided the 30 participants into two tracks, one for ideation and one for tangible prototypes. All teams presented their solutions at the closing event in front of management and an international audience.

Thank God it's Monday!
The Dark Horse book

Inspiration for Generation Y knowledge workers to create the work that they want to see in the world.

We wrote a book. With real words on real pages. If you can read German, you can buy it. You can still buy it even if you don’t the title is in English after all: Thank God it’s Monday. We describe how we live and work and why it makes us innovative and happy at the same time. We present our glorious solutions and our even more glorious failures. (in German)

Innovation Software

A digital tool that fosters corporate collaboration and innovation and is fun to use.

Initial disclaimer: Kindling is not one of our clients, instead we are their exclusive marketing partners for German speaking countries. Kindling is an enjoyable software that enables teams to discover, discuss, manage and select ideas. With Kindling, employees can train their creativity muscles whenever and wherever they want and companies can strengthen their innovation culture.

Learning Journey
Deutsche Telekom

Learning Journey for employees of Deutsche Telekom to experience change.

Managers at Deutsche Telekom certainly know a thing or two about change: The company was transformed from a state-owned quasi-monopolist to a modern corporation. To make employees fit for future transformations, they regularly visit places where they can experience change in the making. We are one stop on their learning journey.

Act Different 2014

Our ideas for a Generation Y-friendly work place in front of a large audience.

Rumor has it, Generation Y wants to work differently. We went on a large stage in front of a lot of people and presented our experiences and our ideas on how to benefit from these differences. At the end of our talk, we confessed that we don’t actually believe in the premise: Generation Y wants community and individuality, flexibility and stability, meaningful work and a fulfilling life - the needs haven’t changed, but the possibilities have. (7 Min. in German)

Collaborative Offices
Lufthansa Technik

Co-designed offices that facilitate collaboration in the IT department.

As Europe’s largest airline, Lufthansa naturally has large offices. With participatory research, interviews and workshops, we involved 400 employees and deeply analyzed their routines, communication flows and blocks. We designed and co-created an office space with more than 3.000 m². and room for more than 200 work spaces that enables collaboration and concentration at the same time.

Disk Whiteboard
Out of the Box

A versatile, expandable and sustainable whiteboard.

Whiteboards are an essential tool for creative work. However, just when ideas start to flow, their space is filled up. We invented a flexible whiteboard that easily expands when the demand for space increases. Teams can mount light-weighed whiteboard disks on an eco-friendly carrier system. We partnered with Room in a box, who finalized the design and scaled the production. More information and shop at…

Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft

Conceptualization, plan and implementation of a co-research space.

Humboldt University zu Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin and the Berlin Social Science Center joined forces to co-found the Institute for Internet and Society. Although both the internet and society are rather broad, the Institute has limited space. We designed a working space where researchers can collaborate, concentrate, get inspired and even host events.

Dark Horse Headquarter
Our workspace

A space to work that feels like a place to live.

We needed an office with more functions than a Swiss army knife: a section to work in solitude, a large collaboration zone, and space suitable for workshops, with a kitchen and a lounge and a ball pit pool, of course. We wanted a workspace that feels like a living space. To judge if we were successful, just come by. We are located in Berlin Kreuzberg. You can have a ball, too.

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