Dark Horse Innovation enables organizations to utilize the market potentials of the digital age.
We create user-centered products and services and transform structures, processes and minds to empower our clients to be more innovative.

The digital age constantly and rapidly revolutionizes how we work and live, consume and even love. Products and services and users‘ interpretations of them are increasingly intertwined and connected. Successful brands interact with their customers and quickly identify and create opportunities to innovate. The rules of the game are changing all the time. We thrive on that change.

Product and Service Development

From user research to problem analysis to prototypes and testing, we manage and apply the complete innovation process with our clients. We unite consumer needs and brand values to promptly create relevant products and services.

Design Thinking Consulting and Training

We help organizations to implement structures and processes that support innovation. We coach individuals, train teams and guide entire departments to change their innovation culture and create physical and digital spaces for collaboration.

New Work, new Possibilities

Generation Y lives and works differently - we help organizations to benefit from these changes. We know what young employees want. From experience. Dark Horse was co-founded by thirty Generation Y professionals.

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